The Canvas is the work space to design watermarks and contains multiple visual layers that make up a watermark together. Multiple layers are composing a layer group and a watermark consists of at least one layer group.

Adding Layers

Layers can added to a profile with buttons in the Create a Layer area. Depending on their type, layers are inserted into the profile on a default position or have to be dragged on the canvas while clicking the left mouse button.

Selecting Layers

A layer can be selected by a left click on the layer. Clicking on a blank area of the canvas voids the selection.

Transforming Layers

Layers and layer groups of the profile can be moved, scaled or rotated naturally within the canvas.

Move and Position

Once a layer or layer group is selected, it can be positioned by moving the mouse while pressing the left mouse button.


The selected layer can be resized by moving a corner or edge handle while clicking the left mouse button.


Changing the angle of a layer works similar: Therefore you have to move the green angle selector handle of the layer while clicking it with the left mouse button.

Sorting Layers

By using the context menu entries "Move to Background" and "Move to Foreground", you can reorder the currently selected layer within its layer group.

Deleting Layers

The selected layer can be removed by pressing the Delete on your keyboard or by clicking the context menu entry "Delete".

Context Menu

To open the context menu of the Canvas, just click the right mouse button when you are pointing at the Canvas. The following menu entries are available:



Cuts the selected layer.



Copies the selected layer.



Pastes the selected layer from the clipboard.



Deletes the selected layer.

Move to Background


Moves the selected layer or layer group into the background.

Move to Foreground


This command moves the selected layer or layer group into the foreground.


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