Layer Overview

The Layer Overview is a hierarchical view of all composition objects within the current profile. In the following section you will find a detailed description of all elements in the tree:

Layer Group


The root nodes of the hierarchical tree are always layer groups. Layer groups are pooling multiple layers to a watermark. Settings for a watermark like position or angle within the target image are done in the Watermark Settings. The visibility of a layer group and its layers can be set by clicking on the .



Layers are displayed with a small preview inside of the tree. Like with layer groups, you can also toggle the visibility of an individual layer by clicking .



Underneath the layer, all applied effects are displayed. To activate or deactivate an effect just click the effect icon.

You can also use drag & drop to sort objects within the tree and move layer or layer groups into the foreground or background.

Context Menu

To open the context menu of the Layer Overview, just click the right mouse button when you are pointing at the tree. The following menu entries are available:

Create Layer Group


By default there is a single layer group in a profile. To create a new layer group, click with the right mouse button on the tree and choose the menu entry "Create Layer Group".



Cuts the selected layer.



Copies the selected layer.



Pastes the selected layer from the clipboard.



Deletes the selected layer.

Move to Background


Moves the selected layer or layer group into the background.

Move to Foreground


This command moves the selected layer or layer group into the foreground.


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